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  • Is Dino Clay safe for children to play with?
    Dino Clay is designed for children over the age of 3 and is not intended for consumption. It is a non-toxic professional modeling clay that has undergone rigorous testing, including EN-71.3 and AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2021 standards for toy safety. Please remember to wash your hands after using Dino Clay.
  • What should I do if I find that a pot of clay in my Dino Creation kit is dry?
    Sometimes you may open a clay container and find that one color is dryer than the others, especially in hot and dry conditions. At Dino Creation, our team has tested solutions and found the best way to rehydrate the clay is to add some hand moisturizer to the clay and knead it together. This will make it easy to play with and mold into your desired shapes.
  • How should Dino Clay be prepared for shaping and modeling?
    Dino Clay should be kneaded and stretched like pizza dough before trying to shape and model with it. This ensures that it is soft, pliable, and fun to play with. By kneading and stretching the clay, you can also remove any air bubbles and make it easier to work with. This process allows for a smooth and enjoyable sculpting experience, ensuring that your creations come out exactly as you envision them. Remember to follow the specific instructions provided with the Dino Clay product to achieve the best results.
  • How should I store Dino Creation's Dino Clay to maintain its quality
    To ensure the longevity and quality of Dino Creation's Dino Clay, it should be stored in an air-tight container under 30 degrees. If exposed to higher temperatures, the clay may become sticky and difficult to use. We recommend storing the clay in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources to prevent any changes in consistency. By following these storage guidelines, you can ensure that your Dino Clay remains in optimal condition for all your creative projects.
  • How do I clean my moulds if they get Dino Goo stuck in them?
    If you have accidentally put Dino Goo into mould that were not brushed in magic water first the goo will stick to the moulds. To help remove this please soak submerged in magic water overnight and brush with firm bristles the next day. This will remove most of the stuck goo and you can reuse the moulds.
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