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As the sun set on 2019, two imaginative souls, Aurora (9 years old) and Orion (7 years old), embarked on an extraordinary journey into the realm of DIY art. Armed with brushes, cardboard, clay, craft cream, and even slime, they fearlessly brought their imaginative visions to life. Together, they sculpted a remarkable Dinosaur school from air-dry clay, giving birth to a captivating world they lovingly named Dino.

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As the calendar turned to 2022, Aurora felt a calling to push the boundaries of her artistic expression. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a self-guided exploration of animation. Hours of dedication and countless experiments led to the birth of her very first animated Dino image—a breathtaking display of movement and wonder. Inspired by this breakthrough, Aurora's creativity flourished, giving rise to an array of captivating designs, including the delightful Pika-Dino, the mischievous Villain-Dino, and the whimsical Axolotl-Dino.

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But Aurora's talents didn't end there. She channeled her creative energy into crafting a stunning Dino necklace that quickly became a sensation among her peers. The demand was overwhelming, with her "Online" store at school unable to keep up with the flurry of orders. Buoyed by this success, Aurora ventured into designing Dino bag tags and book tags, further enchanting those who sought a piece of Dino's charm.

Driven by a desire to foster a sense of community and imagination, Aurora introduced Dino currency within her school—a token that not only captured the essence of her creations but also kindled the spirit of exchange and friendship. The popularity of this unique concept soared, igniting a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and camaraderie.


With each passing day, Aurora's designs found eager homes, leaving her with an unyielding desire to share Dino's magic beyond the school's walls. The time had come to take their artistic endeavors to the next level. Inspired by their unwavering dedication and the boundless support of their growing audience, Aurora and Orion set their sights on opening an actual Dino shop—a haven where art, imagination, and the charm of their creations would come to life in vivid splendor.


And so, the journey continued, as Aurora and Orion nurtured their artistic talents and explored new realms of creation. Each stroke of their brushes, every mold of clay, and the evolution of their designs spoke volumes about their growth as artists. With each passing day, their passion burned brighter, fueled by the anticipation of opening the doors to their very own Dino shop—a gateway to a world where dreams and imagination melded seamlessly.


Stay tuned for the breathtaking chapters that lie ahead, as Aurora and Orion unfurl the canvas of their dreams, inviting you to immerse yourself in the wonders of Dino's realm.

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