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Our Product

Dino Creation Products are non toxic, safe and fun to play with. Our product kits are designed right here in Queensland, Australia.  


Dino Clay is a professional modelling clay that has many vibrant colours and uses. It is not messy and will air dry over 24hrs in air. You do not need to bake it! It is soft and easy to mould into many shapes and forms. We provide instruction manuals in our kits that are easy to follow to give children inspiration for their designs. Different colours of clay can be mixed and made into patterns, you can also draw on hardened designs to add detail. 


Dino Goo is a liquid that can be squeezed into moulds and when placed into water mixed with our Magic Water Powder the Goo will turn into 3d squishies!.  You can use different coloured Goo to make multicoloured shapes and you can add accessories into the Goo as well. In our Goo kits we provide instruction manuals on how to mix the water and how to make your creations. Kids just love watching their liquid turn into squishes! Dino Goo is also tested for safety and is non-toxic. 


Dino Cream is a simulation crafting cream that is like a puffy glue. It can be piped onto things like icing a cake. Our kits come with accessories that you can stick into the cream and personalise your objects. Leave it alone for 1-2 days and it will harden and set. It is so much fun to feel the texture and design your own things like our stationery line. 


All of our products are designed with our values Create, Learn, Laugh in mind and safety. We have many more things to share with you coming soon!

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