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Dino Creation is proud to support the NDIS by servicing self-managed and plan managed NDIS plans. We are an unregistered provider with the NDIS.


Our toys are designed with these benefits in mind.


  • Enhanced Creativity: Dino Creation toyssparks imaginative play, allowing individuals to create vibrant and textured models.


  • Emotional Support: Sensory toys improve mood and can calm anxiety and decrease depression.


  • Fine Motor Skills: Squeezing, shaping, and moulding our products contributes to the development of fine motor skills.


  • Sensory Stimulation: Our product’s texture engages the senses, providing a tactile and visually stimulating experience. They are non-toxic to allow hands on safe play.


  • Concentration: Crafting intricate designs with our toys enhances concentration skills. Individuals are very engaged and can play for hours.


  • Brain Coordination: The hands-on process of all our products allows thinking skills and manipulation promotes brain coordination.


  • Holistic Development: Dino Creation products support holistic development, nurturing creativity and cognitive abilities.


Unregistered Providers

Currently many companies choose not to register with the NDIS because the application and audit process takes a lot of time and financial resources. Dino Creation is an unregistered provider.


Self-Managed NDIS Plan

This is when participants manage their own NDIS funding. It gives them the flexibility to choose what supports they buy to meet their planned goals.


Plan Managed NDIS plan

This is when participants have a plan manager to organize their funding, administration, and services. The plan manager will approve selection and purchasing aspects of the plan on behalf of the participant.

How to purchase Dino Creation Products on NDIS


Self Managed:

Option 1: Pay upfront online and process your own claim. (We recommend that you first check your plan that our products will be eligible for a reimbursement claim).

  1. Add items to the cart on our website.

  2. Checkout, put your NDIS membership number in a bracket after your surname, and make payment.

  3. The Tax Invoice is automatically generated and emailed to your nominated email address that you entered.

  4. You use this invoice to make your claim.

  5. Check your SPAM inbox if you do not see tax invoice.

  6. If you have any issues with this process we are only too happy to help. Please go to the contact us page on our website and reach out to us.


Option 2: Place your order and claim prior to paying us. (Safest option for reimbursement)

  1. Fill out our order request form, list the items your wish to purchase, colour and quantity. ( NDIS ORDER FORM or INVOICE REQUEST )

  2. Our team will email you the tax invoice for the items requested.

  3. You lodge your claim with NDIS and once your receive your claim you pay us and we will ship your order. Please note that we will automatically cancel invoices after 4 weeks if they remain unpaid, unfortunately we cannot hold stock for long periods of time. If you are having difficulties with this process please use our contact us page and reach out to us.


Plan Managed Plans

  1. Fill out our order request form, list the items your wish to purchase, colour and quantity. ( NDIS ORDER FORM or INVOICE REQUEST )

  2. Our team will send the tax invoice directly to your Plan manager to receive payment.

  3. If your purchases are approved and payment is received, we will send you a confirmation email and dispatch your order.

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